Culture. It’s been a bit of hot topic of late. It can be music, art, theatre, a set of customs, beliefs & ideas or the probiotics in superfoods like Yoghurt, Kefir, Kimchi & Kombucha etc. The other culture that’s been a hot topic for a number of our clients is their corporate culture and how to preserve & maintain it in this ever-evolving remote working environment.

Prior to the last 12 months of washing machine-like turbulence (of which many countries are still in), employees used to absorb the culture, values, mission & beliefs by being in the office, observing, collaborating & working with colleagues & mentors. This allowed observation of how others present, work & treat others in the business. But the subtleties of voice, tone, body language & humour can be easily lost on workers spending a day in back-to-back Zoom & Teams meetings. The future of remote working & how often we’re coming into the office is still being defined with some global businesses, with some mandating a blanket rule for all employees to work from home until further notice. So what is the way forward?

Check back next week to find out.


Adam Taylor-Campbell

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