2021 has really been the year that seems to have had it all. We have had the uncertainty of a pandemic juxtaposed with a record sixfold increase in M&A activity and the highest number of announced private equity transactions in Australia for almost 15 years.

Should all this activity change how jobseekers interested in our buy-side mandates approach their job search?

I’d submit that the more things change, the more they stay the same…

Whilst it would be easy to get lost in the whirlwind of lockdowns, heightened transaction activity and new investment banks & funds entering the market, I’d suggest that the reality of their job search has not meaningfully changed.

It is true that the new IBs are paying above-market, and it is also true that this has put upward pressure on remuneration in investment roles but, for the jobseekers we work with, the proposition is still largely the same.

Investment bankers have always been paid exceedingly well, but this has never stopped many of them seeing their time in banking as a steppingstone to the buy-side, even if it often entails a short-term drop in remuneration.

Despite all the noise around the pandemic and market activity, all of this is still very much the case. As always, focus on the team and the investment mandate you would like to work with longer term and ignore the chaos.

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