Renewable energy, despite its well-documented growing pains evident in power grid congestion & project connection delays, has remained a boom industry throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. With Australia expecting coal power plants to be chased out of the system earlier than anticipated & a major trend towards electrification later this decade, renewables offer growth. Hydrogen, batteries, green steel, carbon capture & storage & soil carbon have been identified by the government as the five priority, low-emission technologies it will aim to develop over the next decade.

Given the acceleration of this energy transition trend, we are seeing investment & corporate clients scrambling to build capabilities in these sectors.
• Where do you source sizable opportunities in these sectors?
• How do you source someone with the capability to pull these types of deals together?
• Who has the knowledge to lead energy transition efforts & successfully lead us to net Carbon emissions by 2040?

These are but a few questions we’re working closely with clients to solve. Certainly, there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to building capabilities across Energy Transition. To discuss, or for more info contact Rory Callow