We all have a range of specialists we rely on – lawyers, accountants, plumbers, electricians … recruiters/search. Human nature being what it is and the temptation of wanting to do things ourselves (our taxes, rewire the shed, put together the trampoline) – sometimes succeeding sometimes not – there is always a need for specialists.

While appreciating the ever evolving and shiny world of technology, access to information and people – it just doesn’t replace the personalised specialist touch – the honesty of what is realistic, the access to talent (and process of gauging and garnering interest) and importantly heading off any speed bumps along the way to ensure the desired outcome.

Recruitment and Search is about partnership, trust and delivery. Like trying to do a renovation – bring in a specialist, pay them for their skills/experience/time/delivery and try not to be tempted to get out your own hammer and help.

Competing with a client is counterproductive – it sends mixed messages to candidates, doesn’t garner loyalty or a true sense of partnership – including the additional ongoing value add and market intel that is often requested and needed.

And as often happens – just when you might need a specialist they aren’t available. A trusted partner will always make time.
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