Create remote work norms: Set time limits for team calls & determine when these may & may not be held. Without parameters, some of the remote team will feel they have to be on call 24/7

Create forward-looking meetings: Hold weekly calls to organise the team & focus on the future rather than the past. Where collaboration is highly valued, effort should be made to ensure that the priorities of all team members are well coordinated
Regular 1-on-1 sessions with direct reports: Let the team member talk more than you do, so you gain the opportunity to learn. This will help reinforce a cultural norm that the company cares about its employees during difficult times.

Periodic in-person meetings: Although the norm may now to be to WFH, teams should gather in person regularly. This might be all the team working together in the office on the same day for 1 or 2 days a week, or for the same week each month. From this, the team can build camaraderie & collectively make decisions.

We hope you find this beneficial & recommend checking out some of the previously mentioned superfoods 😊


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